From Riga to Helsinki by bike

I’m back for a while now. 🙂

Due to the instant switch to business-as-usual my amazing trip begins to fade already. Time is flying faster and faster anyway I feel.
This post is a vain attempt fighting this natural process. Isn’t all this social media stuff nothing but a modern kind of a diary? Unless you call yourself an “influencer” I guess…:-p
However, I won’t spend a lot of words, since pictures always do a better job, ain’t!?
Thus, I created a new gallery at portfolio with some selected jewels of this bike trip along the neat, flat baltic coast.
In addition to the gallery you’ll find some shots (including caption) in this blogpost, which are supposed to give you an idea of my journey.

In case you are interested in a route map incl. comments, take this.

And there’s more coming up:
– a short clip of the video footage I did on the way
– an exhibition and online gallery on bus stops of the Estonian Island Saaremaa
I’ll keep you posted here. You bet!

Enjoy, take care, keep exploring and thank you for stopping by! Yours, Christoph

830 cycled kilometers, 100 something km by ferry

Rigas famous market

On the market

101? Hm, did this before somewhere 😉


This was such a great reunion with Jan and Paul after more than 1 year. Plus, we couldn’t have picked a better location for this event. Wine, Sauna, coffee, dinner, barrels to sleep in. No more wishes.

Unfortunately we had to go opposite directions and said our farewells. Next time, next time.

This image is dedicated to my friend Jens Waldenmaier and is named “a quarter past 10am”

One of the first weird sceneries in beautiful Tallinn

Open gutters are typical for Tallinn. Same in Helsinki. There were deep cuts in the pavement in order to let the water drain onto the street.

Quite a hard one to read

I made it from Riga to Helsinki. Another mission accomplished.

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