From Vancouver to Tijuana by bike

Hello world!

It’s been a loooong time since this blog became updated.
Why is that? Well, first: time flies, second: times change.
As most of you know, this website was initially established by a travel passioned couple, using this blog to keep its fellows up to date with exciting journeys and reports – especially a 10 month lasting adventure through South America and Canada. It’s now almost 3 years ago that those “mochilla guys” took off from Hamburg without leaving much behind, not knowing where it’ll all lead and with the assumption of a long lasting love…

Life took different ways (and so it always will). Now, here we are – well, here I am. This is a new start. All previous posts are gone, since it would just be too emotional. Anyway, it’s been all printed on sturdy paper already, plus it might be unforgettable in the minds of those who care.

Once in a while I will feed this blog with some new adventure stories, which – from now on – will most likely take place on bicycle.
The blog used to be written in German, which is doubtless easier for me. However, since I made friends in many parts of the world I prefer writing in English (at least I’ll try hard).

I am going to start this new era with a fabulous bicycle ride from Vancouver, B.C. to Tijuana, MX, which took place earlier this year. I made a dream come true and in fact it wasn’t less than that.
Paul from Vancouver joined and supported me almost 2,000 km down to San Francisco and since he’s much better in writing than me, you are recommended to check his awesome essays on his website. I will keep it brief and brake it down to the most important facts. For those who want more bits and pieces, there’s a tour diary (including a route map) here.

– Start: May, 1st 2016 in Vancouver
– End 1 (San Francisco, where Paul went back home): May, 26th 2016
– End 2 (Tijuana): June, 10th 2016
– End 3 (San Diego, return flight): June, 14th 2016
– Total distance: 3,160 km
– Amount of beers and coffees: countless
– Climbs: far too much!

– Best spots: gosh, there have been so many… Cape Lookout / Nehalem / Cape Meares / Big Sur / Redwoods / Arizona Beach / Newport Beach, just to mention a few…

– Best things: the campgrounds and state parks / the beer / the cafĂ©s / the people / fast and curvy downhill stretches / camp cooking / the smell of resin / our 11 o’clock 2nd coffee / the Pacific / the Kneipp kurs / tail wind / the supermarkets / reaching Golden Gate Bridge / did I mention the beer already?

– Fun stories: our daily mantra was “every day is a present” / my wrong tent fly / the guy in a car pulling over and asking Paul to pick up a cigarette, which fell on the cars floor (the guy was just to fat to move) / and many other funny moments…


Well, this is not just a new blog post, but also a portfolio update. I created a new gallery with some shots of the trip here. Enjoy and stay tuned! Take care!

vancouver - tijuana

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